Fans of legendary rock band X and its charismatic leader Yoshiki will surely appreciate a new commercial by Asahi's Wonda coffee brand. In the commercial, initially released in a 15-second version, Wonda has collaborated with the internationally popular manga and anime franchise Attack on Titan.

Yoshiki is decked out as a member of the Survey Corps, complete with Vertical Maneuvering Equipment...

... AND, he can go Titan...

...while fully retaining his identity as an amazing drummer...

...did we forget to mention he likes to chug on Wonda coffee? (Those must be some huge cans...)

How badass is that? Someone put him in as a supporting character in Season 4 of the anime!

Shingeki no Yoshiki Can campaign

Although that's unlikely to happen, what you CAN get (if you're lucky) is a special Wonda collaboration can with Yoshiki / Survey Corps member / Titan featured on it. Scan the QR code on the can and follow the instructions on the website to enter a lottery.

QR codes are on the following Morning Shot or Kin no Bito Attack on Titan collab cans:

By - Ben K.