Kiki, a cat in Japan, will never have to worry about being called out for rude behavior by being accused of being raised by wolves. Instead he's more likely to deal with the best possible version of learning under canines. You can just check their owner's Instagram (saki.ibuki.hazuki) for proof, but the cat who lives with three shiba inu may completely think he is one herself.

Kiki lives with three shiba inu (Saki, Ibuki, and Hazuki), but it seems she takes after them as well. The cat is gaining a lot of attention for how he mimics she shiba siblings in both attitude and aesthetic.

Especially at feeding time!

Many have commented that he's the fourth shiba inu of the house, not simply mimicking their poses and behavior, but that his face seems to have a very shiba inu quality to it.

Be sure to follow the "four shiba inu" on Instragram to see them synchronize their behavior, going beyond the divide of cat and dog.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.