With a little space in your room and an extra 321,840 yen (2,730 USD) to spare, you could live life devoid of loneliness even if you decide to never step foot from your house again.

It’s been almost a year since we first introduced the Hologram Communication Robot by Gatebox, a virtual robot of your favorite character to share your life with. Now, 300 units of the device are available for pre-sale in Japan and the US, and will soon be making their way into the arms of their new human companions.

Source: YouTube

For those unfamiliar with this cutting edge anime hologram, it can simply be described as a personal assistant of sorts that will help guide you through your daily life. It can do everything from having simple conversations, telling you the weather, texting, to watching movies with you. Equipped with sensors and cameras, it can even detect movement and recognize your face.

Source: YouTube

Source: Gatebox

Because the holographic device’s main priority is to keep its human companion happy, it can be connected with other household devices via Bluetooth, infra-red, and HDMI cables to provide the utmost care as your own personal assistant. Though the default character is the charming Azuma Hikari, consumers will eventually be able to add other characters and even create their own.

Pre-orders can be made via the US or Japan store for 321,840 yen (2,730 USD) plus tax. Orders can be placed from December 14th to January 31st, 2017, and only 300 units of the anime hologram will be made available. If you think you could benefit from a cute holographic helper, this super intelligent communication robot just might change your life.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.