Since it began to be serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion in 2016, Paru Itagaki's gripping manga "Beastars" about a high school literally divided between predators and prey has gained attention both at home and abroad, and picked up many prizes along the way, most notably the new talent prize at the 22nd Osamu Tezuka Awards. Fans are eagerly awaiting the second season of the anime due to air in January 2021.


Although Beastars' lupine lead Legoshi gets a bigger spot in the limelight as far as the story goes, the handsome and dominating red deer Louis, with his complex, conflicted nature, also has his share of fans. Struggling with insecurity and anger but capable of empathy and motivated by a strong sense of justice, he's an appealing character, and one which Paru Itagaki admits she finds difficult to draw.

Beastars' Louis statue by Megahouse

Taking that into consideration, it's only natural to expect that fans would demand close attention to detail for any figure or statue of Louis. It would seem that this statue from Megahouse and available exclusively from AmiAmi seems to have accomplished that feat.

Supervised by Paru Itagaki, this Louis statue stands 160 mm (6.2") tall. Seated on a stool, one leg crossed over the other and resting his head on the back of his hand, Louis strikes what could be considered a pensive pose.

His expression conveys that mix of outward confidence and sternness he is known for, while his body language conveys a relaxed casualness. From his elegant antlers to the details of his face, body line, clothes and pose, this figure will surely please even the most discriminating fans.

Product Details

  • Price: 10,450 JPY (tax incl.)
  • On sale: Late January, 2021
  • Dimensions: 160 mm (6.2") high
  • Material: PVC
  • Brand: Megahouse
  • Information and pre-order: product website

By - Ben K.