Have you eaten ramen recently? If so, chances are you’ll have noticed (and salivated over) the astonishing variety of flavors now available. Like this Pirana ramen, or these monjayaki flavored noodles.

The Japanese obsession with Kaizen, or continuous improvement, means that ramen will probably continue to evolve like one infinite, winding, unslurpable noodle until the soup runs dry. Yet, in spite of the dish’s recent flavor innovations, ramen is still best enjoyed in its purest forms. You just can’t beat the basic flavors like tasty tonkotsu, salty shio, morish miso, and last but not least, simple and satisfying soy ramen. There’s something for everyone, everyone except vegans that is...

When it comes to ramen, even shio (salt based) and soy sauce ramens are usually made with meat based broths. But thanks to the latest innovations by Yamadai Co. Ltd, even Vegans can now take a slurp of relief. The food company is releasing a soy flavored cup noodle from September 7th, the third flavor in their “Vegan Noodle” series.

Vegan Soy Flavored Cup Noodles

The new vegan cup noodle uses a dark soy based broth, seasoned with hints of Chinese cabbage and kelp. It takes 4 minutes to prepare with hot water and once done, exudes strong aromas of pepper and ginger.

The vegan soy noodles are free from animal products, chemical seasonings, and alcohols commonly used as preservatives. They also don’t include any 五葷, or gokun, which is the Japanese word referring to seasonings with a strong smell such as garlic and onion. This makes these soy noodles good not only for the environment and your conscience but also for your breath!

Yamadai’s lineup of cup noodles features two other vegan-friendly variations: tantanmen and hot and sour soup flavors. The new, simpler soy flavor offers customers a change of pace and a chance to enjoy the satisfying pleasure of a salty but subtle cup noodle.

Vegan Soy Cup Noodle Details

  • Price: ¥200 (excluding tax)
  • Release date: September 7, 2020 (Monday)
  • Where to buy: super markets, convenience stores and drug stores across Japan
  • Calories: 218kcal
  • Website

By - Toby M.