You probably have heard by now that Japan doesn't have very many reservations about exploring adventurous flavors of potato chips and instant noodles, as seen with strawberry shortcake fried noodles and milk and toast potato chips. Japanese Pringles follow that trend, having released takoyaki octopus ball and sukiyaki flavors in the past. Now the canned potato chip favorite has teamed up with instant noodle maker Acecook to release both Pringles flavored instant noodles and instant noodle flavored Pringles!

The potato chips release celebrates the 30th anniversary of Acebook's popular Super Cup with two interesting flavors. The first is Torigara Shoyu Ramen, or chicken bone soy sauced flavored Pringles, which replicate the rich, salty, and thick broth found in one of Super Cup's most popular flavors.

The next is Ika Yakisoba, or squid fried noodles. While squid-flavored potato chips may sound jarring to some, squid is a common ingredient mixed in with yakisoba in Japan, and the chips heavily reflect the flavor of the actual noodles and the distinct sweet and savory blend of yakisoba sauce.

But the noodles are what you really want to hear about, right? Pringles Sour Cream and Onion Yakisoba (fried noodles), and while the noodles themselves already contain the classic flavor, the item comes with an attached flavor packet that has an extra serving of sour and cream powder.

Last but not least are Pringles Jalapeño and Onion flavored Super Cup instant ramen. Jalapeño and Onion went from a popular seasonal release to apparent mainstay in Japan recently, and the Super Cup variety has a chicken broth base with onion and potato flavoring. Jalapeño seasoning is attached in a separate packet.

The instant noodles will go on sale around Japan starting October 15, priced at 200 yen, and the potato chips themselves will be on sale from October 23rd for 122 yen. All are available for a limited time only.

By - Big Neko.