One of Japan’s longest-running series, Naruto, brought forth arguably some of the most badass characters ever seen in manga and anime. Despite a limited number of appearances in the main story, one character that definitely proved her worth was Naruto’s own mother: Kushina Uzumaki. The woman showed both her physical and mental strength by sacrificing herself to fight a powerful beast in order to save her son’s life -- all after just giving birth to him.

To showcase her strength to fans of the series, AmiAmi, a Japanese company that distributes statues, figures, and other anime merchandise, is selling a statue of the iconic ninja mother.

The statue portrays Kushina with her signature bright, red hair and the simple white and green outfit she was seen wearing in the series. There are also chakra chains coming out of her body, which was one of her special abilities that proved pivotal on the night of Naruto’s birth.

The statue is on a limited edition sale and is priced at 15,180 yen. AmiAmi is currently accepting reservations for the Kushina statue through their website.

By - Jen Laforteza.