When it comes to crossings in Japan, there is no doubt the Shibuya Crossing, or Shibuya Scramble Crossing, is the most iconic. Located in front of the famous Shibuya Station Hachiko statue/meeting point, an almost stereotypical "location announcement" shot for movie scenes filmed in Tokyo, and sometimes seeing upwards of 1,000 pedestrians crossing at a time, the bustling crosswalk is a landmark for those visiting Tokyo on its own.

The Jinguemae crossing in nearby Harajuku is set to step up to the plate as a rival in 2022, however. The crossing, where Omotesando and Harajuku intersect, will be getting a giant and dazzling kaleidoscope type structure as its new centerpiece.

The new facility will stand 12-stories tall (with two basement levels) and cover a 3085 sq meter area. More so than the size of the structure, its aesthetic concept looks to be very eye-catching. Designed by Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata, who designed the Ota City Museum of Art and Library, the building will use reflective spaces, a network of mirrors, and outdoor spaces with greenery to "fuse" the cityscape, sky, and nature together.

The concept is called "KNIT DESIGN" and divides the structure into two glass area. The “umi” (Sea) area highly reflective glass surfaces installed that reflect the changing seasons such as reflected in the sky, passing pedestrians, and surrounding trees. The "shima" (island) area has transparent surfaces for a new communication style between shops and those who pass by. The idea is to create a cohesive "knit" by pairing kaleidoscope-type mirrors with reflective surfaces.

The redevelopment is scheduled to be set up sometime in 2022.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.