Every once in a while, you may find yourself staring at a viral image that has appeared on one of your social media timelines so bizarre, it seems to challenge the limits of reality. Talented Japanese Twitter user and modeling enthusiast @meetissai has taken up the task of removing the impossibility of those images by bringing them to life. @meetissai breaks out modeling putty, paint, and other tools to handcraft figure versions of weird and intriguing images that show up on his Twitter timeline, and the results show that sometimes the best inspiration is found in the dark depths of the internet.

The figure maker once took this mashup of Machoke and Pikachu from Pokemon, and transformed it into a muscular model.

Although Pikachu fans may prefer this figure based off of an unusual expression made by everyone's favorite electric Pokemon.

And there can never be enough bipedal cats!

Hamtaro losing his cool, down to the smallest detail.

Ayumi from Detective Conan showing up on scene at warp speed.

In Japan, this daughter being interviewed on Mother's Day has become an annual meme.

This Doraemon from hell.

Anago from Sazae-san seems to be having a little bit of a problem here.

What if Doraemon went Super Saiyan?

Be sure to follow for @https://twitter.com/meetissai more weird but expertly done figures! And here's one more just for the feels.

By - Big Neko.