Japan’s Studio Ghibli merchandise wonderland, Donguri Kyowakoku, has everything a fan of the iconic animations could desire. From clothing to tableware, and even specially formulated Ghibli tea, anyone can turn their whole house into an anime paradise.

Some of their items are so beautifully designed that they work just as well as ornaments for interior design as they do for their intended purpose. These two new releases are paperclip holders, but both are so cute that even those without a rouge paperclip problem may be tempted to purchase one.

One paperclip holder is modelled after fan favourite Totoro, from My Neighbour Totoro. The other option is in the image of Laputa Caste in the Sky, another one of the animation studio’s classic films.

For the Totoro version, paperclips can be arranged on his umbrella like falling rain, while they look like sprawling tree roots underneath Laputa Castle.

The two paperclip holders are gorgeously detailed, from Totoro’s blushing cheeks to the Laputa version’s fluffy clouds.

If a Totoro or a Castle in the Sky is the perfect way to organise your home office, these awesome figures can be found in Donguri Kyowakoku stores or through their online shop from mid-September costing 2000 yen (paperclips not included).

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By - Jess.