Donguri Republic (Donguri Kyowakoku) is an absolute treasure trove for Studio Ghibli fans, and has shown no lack of creativity with tote bags that perch your favorite Studio Ghibli characters on your shoulder, film inspired tea harvested from Totoro's forest, and even a burping No-Face piggy bank.

Now the merchandise paradise dedicated to the beloved animation studio is saying thanks to their customers for their patronage with the gift of Studio Ghibli-inspired small dinner plates!

This summer Donguri Republic will be offering small dinner plates with charming designs from My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service as a bonus gift to anyone who makes a purchase of at least 3,000 yen at their stores. The first set, which starts on July 23rd, features plates inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service. The My Neighbor Totoro plates will be available starting August 8th. Those make a purchase of 9,000 yen from their online store will be gifted a set of three.

Kiki's Delivery Service plates

My Neighbor Totoro plates

You can find a list of their retail store locations in Japan here.

By - Big Neko.