Earlier this year, Italian sportswear brand Kappa teamed up with the legendary anime One Piece to release a ‘capsule collection’ of clothing featuring various beloved characters from the series.

The previous range riffed on Kappa’s classic ‘Omini’ logo, which shows two figures sitting back to back, and swapped out the original design for some recognisable faces from One Piece.

Now for the next instalment of the collection, different characters have been selected to take a prominent place in the new designs in full colour. Each character graphic can be copped as either a t-shirt (5900 yen plus tax) or a hoodie (9800 yen plus tax). Both the hoodie and t-shirt design have the Kappa Omini logo decorating the sleeves for a sporty stripe effect.

Of course, one of the chosen characters has to be Luffy, despite the fact he appeared previously. The main protagonist’s black and white design shows him simply standing in front of the Kappa logo, wearing a tracksuit himself.

Next up is the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock. The graphic shows her striking a pose in front of a Omini logo, contrasted against a dark red background. This illustration is on the front of the t-shirt, while it can be found on the back of the hoodie, with One Piece’s ‘to be continued’ screen recreated on the front.

Lastly, Trafalgar Law is the third character chosen for this collection and his design portrays him slicing through a yellow Kappa logo. The t-shirt has Trafalgar imposed on the back, with ‘to be continued’ on the front. But when it comes to the hoodie version, he’s front and centre.

The items can also be bought in various colours not pictured here and for the swashbuckling eco-warriors, the tags included in this ‘capsule collection’ can also be reused as a bookmark.

These One Piece inspired threads can be found on Kappa Japan's online store or at the One Piece Mugiwara Store and Kappa retailers.

By - Jess.