With overseas holidays being pretty much out of the question for most people this year, food is one way to transport yourself (spiritually) to faraway lands, and complete a world tour without actually leaving your house.

Luckily, this seems to be the concept behind Pringles Japan’s latest range of limited time only products called ‘Passport Flavours’.

The first ever instalment in the lineup is certainly a food with a strong national identity. To represent London, the staple English fast food fish and chips has been announced as the first selection.

Whatever you may think of British cuisine, Japanese snacks have never shied away from controversial flavours before, and besides, fish and chips doesn't stand in complete antithesis to Japanese sensibilities. It’s famously a country of seafood lovers, and chips (or fries) aren’t exactly unheard of in The Land of the Rising Sun either.

The chips themselves are a delicate balance of fishiness, salt and tartare sauce flavour, and is described by Pringles as a pretty good accompanying snack while drinking.

The theme is, of course, also reflected in the packaging, with a red silhouetted London cityscape contrasted against a white and blue sky. Subtle.

The classic taste will be swimming onto the shelves of Japanese stores from 28th September onwards.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.