Sold only in Japan, these art inspired neck buffs from Buff’s JAPAN COLLECTION allow you to turn yourself into a walking, talking masterpiece.

Made from a special material that helps to evaporate and wick away sweat, the JAPAN COLLECTION buff allows you to stay cool and refreshed in the summer as well as warm and toasty in the winter. The buff also protects the skin from UV rays with a rating of UPF50, and with it’s seamless design, you can wear it comfortably for hours on end without getting irritated by loose stitching.

The buff comes in 3 designs that capture the beauty and culture of Japan. Each is approximately 22.3cm x 53cm in length and is made from 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane. Get the full collection and stylize traditional Japanese artwork in a new way.

Karakusa Moyo

The Karakusa pattern seen commonly throughout Japan was introduced (possibly from ancient egypt) to the country via the Silk Road in the 8th century. It is said that the outstretched vines symbolize a long and prosperous life.

Price: ¥ 2,970


Ukiyo-e literally translates as ‘Pictures of the floating world’ and often features dreamlike scenery or images of beautiful women, sumo wrestlers and kabuki theatre actors from the edo era.
Showcase a variety of Ukiyo-e characters on this buff from the JAPAN COLLECTION.

Price: ¥ 2,970

Fugaku (The Great Wave)

Become Japan’s greatest art piece with this buff that features a rendition of Hokusai’s famous ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’, from the Fugaku Sanjūrokkei (36 views of Mount fuji) printed in the 19th century.

Price: ¥ 2,970

Buff is a multi-headwear accessory that can be worn in different ways depending on the wearer’s activity. Fashion the buff as a bandana, cap, headband, neck warmer, neckerchief, hair band, face guard, face mask or wrist band, or come up with your own original way to style it.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.