As adorably and sensationally as Neko Atsume (or Cat Collector, if you prefer) took our smartphones by storm, somewhere behind the calming appeal of the game lurked the frustration that while we were winning the affection of this colorful cast of felines, we couldn't check in on our actual real-life house to find them lounging around. Well, thanks to Petio, you can get your real-life cats to party in your room with these Neko Atsume-inspired toys and treats.


Source: YouTube

While there have been a variety of Neko Atsume goods released, and even a limited-edition official store in Hong Kong, these cat toys take your everyday means of entertaining and playing with your cat, and spruce them up with the charming aesthetic of the Neko Atsume game. So let's take a look at the tools Petio is giving you to make your house a real-life Neko Atsume cat yard.

First up, give your cat a comfy home or the cutest cafe in town with these two boxes, both which include a scratching post for your kitty.

Carboard House (House Deluxe)


Source: Petio

An easy maid transformation!


Source: Petio

Cardboard Cafe (Cafe Deluxe)


Source: Petio

Strike a pose!


Source: Petio

If your cat is more into rolling around in things, they've got you covered with the two iconic tunnels from the game.

Carp Tunnel (Koinobori Tunnel)


Source: Petio

Fish-stick Tunnel (Chikuwa Tunnel)


Source: Petio

And of course, the kick toys. They come in three different types, modeled after animals cats would probably love to sink their claws into. Consider dousing them in cat-nip to get them really invested.

Kick Toys (Keri-gurumi): Mouse, Rabbit, Fish (Nezumi, Usagi, Sakana)


Source: Petio

And if website pics aren't good enough for you, you can check out a cute video of cats playing around with them in real life--to the goofy soundtrack of the Neko Atsume.

Those interested in ordering them can do so on the Petio website--just look for the orange tab next to or below your desired item that reads "商品情報はこちら" and that will take you to the order page.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.