Japan’s Studio Ghibli merchandise wonderland Donguri Kyowakoku is a must-visit for any fans of the legendary animation studio while in the country. Not only do they supply us with a never ending flow of creative and beautiful Studio Ghibli themed goods, but they also have started doing gift services, such as their Mothers Day card and flower sets from earlier this year, to make buying presents for Ghibli fans in your life incredibly easy.

Their latest idea is the perfect small gift to send via post as it comes already packed up in its own letter. Cute Studio Ghibli character themed chopsticks have been affixed to a gorgeous premade letter/envelope, which has space to add your personal message to the recipient. Because nothing says ‘thinking of you’ like eating utensils.

Each pair of wooden chopsticks have been designed with a certain classic Studio Ghibli film in mind.

There’s a set featuring mini Totoro and some soot sprites from the movie My Neighbour Totoro.

The Kiki’s Delivery Service version has Jiji the black cat, and a paw print with some pretty red detailing.

For Spirited Away fans, the set has the motif of Kaonashi (or No-Face)’s creepy mask, and the kanji character for ‘abura’ (oil) as in the fictional bath house’s name, Aburaya.

A detail which makes this gift all the more aesthetically pleasing is the provided sticker seals to safely close up the letter which feature motifs related to the movies.

All you need to do to send this simple but stylish gift (within Japan of course) is procure a 120 yen stamp, stick it on, and it’ll be on its way.

At a time when it may be difficult to meet loved ones in person, this innovative new gift offers an easy way to send a present, without even having to visit the post office. It can be found in Donguri Kyowakoku's store online and offline (location list here).

By - Jess.