Mei Mei washi face masks

Mei Mei face masks are designed for eyeglass wearers. By hanging it on the temples of your eyeglasses instead of wrapping it around your ears with a strap, the design makes it easier to breathe and is less likely to irritate your skin. If you wear makeup, you'll also appreciate the fact that it helps avoid smudging. The material used is high-quality Mino washi paper, jointly developed with the Japanese paper manufacturer Ozu Washi, which has been around since the Edo period.

Produced by actor and stage costume designer Kaishi Iwao, and manufactured and sold by Dadagram, Mei Mei face masks launched in August 2020 and are available in numerous styles starting at 880 JPY. Standard plastic grips come with the mask, but they also sell decorative grips which look like earrings.

Collaboration with hermippe

Now, in their first artist collaboration, Mei Mei has teamed up with pixel artist hermippe on a fashionable new line of face masks which they will be selling during the "SHIBUYA PIXEL ART 2020" event from September 25th to October 25th at the suns eyewear shop, as well as on the Mei Mei online shop.


hermippe is a pixel artist who likes to create art inspired by science fiction and insects. He's involved in production activities ranging from illustration, lithography, embroidery, video design, and VJ graphic design. He has provided illustrations for DAOKO's music videos 「御伽の街」Otogi no Machi and 「帰りたい!」 Kaeritai!, in-store visuals for the adidas Brand Core Store Shibuya, LED animations for the KAMO soccer shop in Umeda, Osaka, and more.

Collaboration series: PIXEL

In this collaboration, 10 of hermippe's pixel art works were adapted to meet Mei Mei's specifications. Featuring state-of-the-art pixel art on quality Mino washi paper, this series blends analog and digital to create a distinctive mask series unlike any on the market.

The designs for the 10 masks in the PIXEL series:

All 10 masks:

From left to right: NYAAMAN!, goldfish, fish cane

NYAAMAN! motif:

From left to right: Kaishi Iwao, model Honami Sato (AKA Hona Ikoka, drummer for Gesu no Kiwami Otome), hermippe

Product information

Caring for your Mei Mei face mask

Mei Mei masks are made of Mino washi paper. They cannot be washed in water but they have excellent durability and water resistance. You can use one mask for about a month of continued use. Simply spray the mask with a disinfectant spray. Mei Mei sells one on their online store.

To see all the Mei Mei PIXEL series in more detail, as well all the other designs, visit the Mei Mei website here.

By - Ben K.