Including a service that makes super realistic wearable replicas of your pet's head and doll masks that look lifted straight out of an anime, it seems a lot of artists in Japan have been showing off their talent for masks that look almost more real than the real deal lately.

Specialty mask maker and store Kamenya Omote is putting quite the twist on hyper realistic face masks. That's because their latest project not only creates doppelganger masks of your face, but actually purchases them as well.

The new realistic face masks are part of Kamenya Omote's "That Face" project, which uses photos and 3D data submitted by hopeful applicants and recreates them as as handmade lifelike masks. Kamenya Omote describes the project on their website with a science-fiction-esque twist of "buying and selling faces," to the tune of 40,000 yen.

The shopkeeper himself demonstrates the uncanny replication of a sample mask (which is available for pre-order).

The mask applications are not currently available for full fledged retail and production, however. Kamenya Omote is currently holding a trial application period for people who wish to lend their likeness to masks, limited to those living in Tokyo. In exchange for the rights to use a person's face (you can only submit your own) Kamenya Omote will pay a fee of 40,000 yen to those selected from the lottery pool, and then begin a process of creating a realistic mask based off that face to retail at a planned 98,000 yen.

As you can see, the level of detail is incredible!

While the application phase (October 14th-November 14th) is currently limited to a lottery of Tokyo residents, the store says they hope for irregular recruitment of applicants in the future. If you happen to be living in Tokyo and want to give your face a shot at being a wearable mask, simply contact the e-mail listed at the project's website, and provide your name, contact information, pictures, and a message about your interest in the project. (Note: Kamenya Omote will not disclose your likeness to anyone beyond the mask making process or personal information)

Maybe one day the friend you think you see walking down the street is just someone who bought their mask!

By - Big Neko.