“Calling for a cat”

With the caption above, Kenichi Terada (@teradakenichi) , a father of a little girl, tweeted a photo.

He took a photo of his daughter in action of calling for a stray cat, and many people can’t help smiling at the photo.

Take a look at the photo.

The little girl was literally flat down on the pavement reaching out her left hand, calling for the cat in the middle of the street. According to Mr.Terada, she was so desperately trying to get the attention of the stray cat, eventually was laying face-down on the pavement.

The little girl must have wanted to get to the cat’s eye level, in an effort to get it to come closer.

This post was widely shared in a blink of an eye with 30,000 likes and comments.

What a bold move! The girl is so cute!

When I was little, I used to do the exact same thing trying to get to the eye level of cats!

When I only looked at the picture without any knowledge in the context, it made me nervous because it only looked like a murder scene! But (now I know what it is) it is actually a really cute photo.

People say that, to call for a cat, it is best to stay low in the position, call them with high-toned voice and wait for them to approach as you stay still.

The little girl was a natural in this practice. We might have found a future cat-whisperer when she grows up!

By - Mugi.