Whether it be through an appeal to fandom of popular anime or simply a love of old school films, Japan boasts quite a few ninja-themed attractions that specifically that target travelers from overseas, including ninja girl cafes and hands-on ninjutsu training. A new facility opening up in the Kanda neighborhood of Tokyo will throw their shuriken into the ninja ring, however, combining guided ninjutsu training with a virtual reality experience. It's called the VR Ninja Dojo.

The VR Ninja Dojo provides immersive "ninjutsu training" including ninja cosplay and lessons in using shuriken (ninja stars) and swordplay under a "master ninja" with both in person instruction and use of a VR headset. Those who complete a training session are awarded a ninja scroll certificate.

The dojo is scheduled to open on March 18th, with sessions available for the opening price of 6,500 yen.

Reservations and more information can be found at the home page of the VR Nina Dojo. Think of it a warm-up before taking the annual ninja certification test in Koka.

2-15-15 Takehashi Bld., Uchikanda,

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan

Open:9:30 Close:22:30

By - Big Neko.