A dog owner ( @ringoro119 ) of Shiba Inu, Ringoro, has a one-year old daughter who gets along with the dog very well.

You can often see them playing together.

One day, when the owner and her daughter were playing together with her Xylophone toy …

Suddenly, Ringoro started to dig the carpet as if he was joining the tune and playing music with them!

The baby seemed to be taken away by Ringoro’s abrupt reaction in the play at first, but then soon decided to rejoin him by playing the xylophone even louder this time.

There were many admiring comments on this sweet video.

Now they’ve got an orchestra in making! Ringoro plays the perfect rhythm with the xylophone!

The sounds of xylophone must have somehow given him the urge to dig! So cute though.

This video caught such a peaceful moment of the family. Incredible.

With Ringoro’s rhythmic tunes, the baby must have had fun playing with her xylophone!

This surely made all of us smile to see a sweet moment of such a happy family!

By - Mugi.