Nowadays, YouTube is an oasis of information, and there are so many creators out there sharing their experiences with us.


You can find so much variety on YouTube, from lifestyle vlogs, traveling, fashion to gaming, programming, and developing your skills.

Recently, there have been more and more content creators living in Japan that have been sharing their everyday adventures with the world.

Some of my best recommendations for Youtubers living here are:


Dogen is one of my favorites! His name is Kevin O’ Donnell and has been very popular for his skits.  He mostly has comic videos in Japanese, often with a moral that are always so entertaining to watch!  I sometimes feel like I am watching rakugo( a verbal form of entertainment in Japanese culture), just that there is no paper fan or small cloth, just well-thought comical stories.

He adds English subtitles and also makes Japanese language-related videos. For those interested in the language and some good quality humor, I recommend checking him out!

Youtube Channel

Abroad in Japan

The British Blogger, Chris Broad, is a well-known figure in the social media world and among people interested in Japanese culture.

Chris has a wide variety of topics, and his videos contain a lot of information for those who want to live here/ are living here, or are planning on coming to visit Japan.

He and Dogen are also part of the Tokyo Creative team along with many famous YouTubers based in Japan or YouTubers that have content related to Japan, such as Tokidoki Travellerkimdaovlog, etc.

Youtube Channel

Rachel and Jun

Rachel and Jun are an American/ Japanese couple that talks about life in Japan and also post various topics, travel vlogs, and useful information for those living here. I think they were the first YouTubers with Japan-related content that I subscribed to, and have been with them ever since!

Youtube Channel


Sharla is such an inspiration and has a lot of interesting topics on her channel.

Her videos always give me such positive vibes and are full of information, beautiful edits, and a variety of topics about Japan and how it is living here as a foreigner.

Youtube Channel

I hope you found our article useful and if you want to find out more about other YouTubers or life in Japan, you can check out our article Youtuber Paolo looks into the lives of cosplay workers and other Japanese professionals.

By - cinnamonellie.