Japan has something unique to offer every season and, in my opinion, autumn is one of the best seasons to visit the country because of its numerous events, landscapes, and food!

You’ll find many limited-season foods, spectacular events, lively festivals, serene landscapes covered in the autumn’s shades and so much more.

To help you decide where to go, I put together a list of festivals and events happening annually during this beautiful season in Japan:

Sapporo Autumn Festival

I will start by recommending you the Sapporo Autumn Festival that takes place in Hokkaido Prefecture at the beginning of autumn and lasts almost all month. Hokkaido is best known for having the most delicious ingredients and dishes in Japan and during this festival, you can enjoy a wide range of foods and beverages.

I also recommend the wine because the quality is top-notch! Also, don’t forget to try some of the fresh local ingredients while there.

Enjoy the lively vibe of the festival and afterward, take some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, the fresh air, or make yourself cozy and read a book or manga while trying out a seasonal beverage.

*Temporarily closed


Zuiki Matsuri (Taro Stems Festival) 

My next recommendation is for those who love Japanese culture.

Zuiki Matsuri has been around for a long time and has as spotlight Japan’s traditions and ancient rituals.


It takes place in the historical Kyoto during October and lasts around five days. You’ll be able to discover the art of tea ceremony along with traditional dances and many other cultural aspects.

*Unfortunately, canceled for 2020

Shibuya Halloween

I am sure you have heard of the big crowds in Shibuya during this period of the year or at least saw some of the creative, weird, spooky, or kawaii decorations/costumes during the Japanese Octobers.

You’d think that Halloween was part of Japanese culture and was a major holiday due to all the Halloween preparations that take place annually.

Well, it is indeed quite a big event in Japan and if you like crowds, challenging your creativity, and making unique outfits for Halloween, I am sure you will love participating!

*Unfortunately, canceled for 2020


Otsukimi Festivals

I love the moon and the moon-viewing festivals during September and October have such a healing effect and I find them spectacular.

A lot of temples/shrines celebrate it in Japan and during this period many eat tsukimi mochi and you’ll see many moon motifs adorable decorations!

Kagurazaka Bake Neko(demon/supernatural cat) Festival

I am personally a cat lover and have two adorable kittens back home, so it is one of my favorite events because it is full of…cats (sort of).

You can expect a lot of felines goods, cat costumes, performances, and a lively atmosphere. It takes place in October, so don’t miss it!

*Unfortunately, canceled for 2020


There are many festivals around Japan where you can view the beautiful foliage of this tranquil season.


One of my favorites is the Fujikawaguchiko Momiji Matsuri (Autumn Leaves Festival), where you can see the beautiful hues and Fuji-san in the background.

There is also a Maple Corridor, so it is a perfect spot to take some aesthetic photos for your Instagram.

At night, you can have a different experience as the light-up takes place from when nightfall to around 10 pm. You can enjoy the festival in November.


By - cinnamonellie.