Video game fans around the world rejoiced when it was announced that Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka, would be opening up a huge area of their park dedicated to reproducing popular worlds and characters from Nintendo called "Super Nintendo World." While we've had a peak at the area's aesthetics and attractions, which are being overseen by Nintendo creative staff and the legend Shigeru Miyamoto himself, there has been some pause about its progress due to the current coronavirus situation.

Today, USJ announced that the highly anticipated Super Nintendo World would not only open in spring 2021, but that this month a teaser "Mario Cafe and Store" will be opening offering a number of Mario-themed food, drinks, and merchandise--and it looks pretty charming!

Cafe interior looks like you've jumped right into a Mario level

While Super Nintendo World proper (which has teased Mario Kart racing, block punching, and Yoshi-riding) will be opening in the spring of 2021, fans are being given an early treat in the form of a Super Mario Cafe and Store inside the park's Hollywood Area with exclusive merchandise and some food and drink that looks like it was created in the world of Mario.

Mario and Luigi Hat Pancake Sandwiches (Strawberry Shortcake and Grape Rare Cheesecake)

Mario and Luigi Fruits Cream Soda (Strawberry and Green Apple)

Princess Peach Fruits Cream Soda (Peach)

Toad Drink Holder

A souvenir shop adjacent to the cafe will be offering a number of Mario-themed goods.

Mario Cushion

Mario World T-shirt

Mario World Pouch

The Mario Cafe and Store will open October 16th (Friday) 2020, and looks to be a great appetizer for Nintendo fans looking forward to the opening of Super Nintendo World.

By - Big Neko.