Who says beer is just for drinking? One Japanese nail artist wants to prove that there are artful ways of showing appreciation for alcohol.

On her Instagram account (@marilyn_0204), nail artist Marina debuted her impressively accurate beer-themed nail art. It features some of Japan’s most popular alcoholic drinks and also one of Mexico’s very own.

Reproduced with permission from Marina (@marilyn_0204)

Reproduced with permission from Marina (@marilyn_0204)

In a video she uploaded on Youtube, Marina shows us the painstakingly detailed process she goes through to paint the Suntory Rich Malt nail. The nail is roughly 1/36th smaller than the original can. Each line is painted using a really thin brush, and she adds each design element by hand, such as the curved barley and the individual kanji characters.

You can see Marina’s process below, with the can design painting starting at 4:29. At the end of the video, she even pops open a cold one as a reward for her hard work.

Images of the beer nails were shared on Japanese social media where she received compliments such as “It’s too beautiful!”, “The work is so delicate!”, and “Even though I’m a guy, I want to try this!”

Even after that last sip, with Marina’s nail art, you’re left with something tasteful to look at.

By - Jen Laforteza.