The limited-time food court Beer Market in the Shinjuku area has gyoza in the spotlight this year.

Gyoza(餃子)are pan-fried Japanese dumplings and are a popular appetizer in Japan. You probably saw many ramen places selling them, but Japan also has restaurants that specialize in gyoza.

Utsunomiya, in Tochigi Prefecture, is also a well-known place for gyoza lovers and even has a Gyoza Festival!


People come from all around the country to have a taste of Japan’s finest dumplings in the famous city of gyoza, Utsunomiya.

Even if you can’t visit Utsunomiya while in Japan, from November 17th to November 29th (11 am-9:30 pm), you will be able to enjoy the “Gyoza Grand Prix with BEER MARKET” at the annual beer market in Tokyo.

There, you can delight your taste buds with a variety of dumplings and delicious beer without having to go all the way to Utsunomiya.

The event will take place at the Shinjuku Odakyu Park, the west exit of Shinjuku Station, and you will be amazed to discover the many types of gyoza available on sale.

In Tokyo, the weather has been beautiful and sunny during November, so drinking some German beer and filling your stomach with hot, mouthwatering dumplings while enjoying the last days of autumn sounds pretty good, right?

You will be able to choose from 22 kinds of gyoza, and besides beer, you can also enjoy a variety of sweets and beverages while there.

Here are some of the dumplings you can choose from:

  • Omi Dumplings Paou(近江餃子 包王), made with delicious beef and popular among all ages
  • Nikuju Gyoza no Dandadan (Dandadan’s Juicy Meat Dumplings/肉汁餃子のダンダダン); very juicy as the name suggests, with carefully selected meat, the dumplings from Dandadan are my top recommendation.
  • The dumplings from Danran Gyoza(羽根つき餃子専門店だんらん), always crispy and full of flavor
  • Tokyo Chuuka Shinjuku Korai Gyoza(東京中華・新宿光来) uses Iberian pork as a filling, and that makes their dumplings one of the most luxurious ones out there.
  • Miyako Panda’s light and fresh Gyoza(ミヤコパンダ)

Miyako Panda is located in Uji, Kyoto and their dumplings are pretty unique. They combine the bittersweet pork meat of Kyoto and the refreshing taste of lemon.

  • Doyama Gyoza Chaozu(堂山餃子チャオズ) brings us juicy dumplings that have a very luxurious taste and appearance.
  • Gyoza no Miya DenDen( 餃子の宮でんでん)has the most adorable looking gyoza, also very popular among women. The dumplings have a chewy texture, are small, and probably the juiciest out there.
    • Jagena Gyoza(じゃげな) can be enjoyed with a delicious Shinshu Miso sauce and are a perfect match for beer.
    • The venue is outside, so you can snack on the many varieties of dishes while drinking beer, sitting down, gazing at the autumn sky, and enjoying the autumn colors.

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By - cinnamonellie.