Not many office workers in Japan enjoy miso soup at their desk from an actual bowl, but they can still fool their colleagues into thinking they've suffered the lunchtime mishap of spilling their miso soup all over their work desk. That won't be the case, of course. Rather, they'll have just created a special spot for their smartphones with a smartphone stand that looks like a tipped over bowl of miso soup.

The reason why these smartphone stands look so realistic is because they're made by Japanese food sample maker Iwasaki. Known for creating mouthwatering food samples by hand for restaurants throughout the country, the company also makes whimsical accessories for the general public.

These miso soup smartphone stands are no different, as they are each handmade by skilled Japanese craftsmen. Less than 4.5 inches in both height and width, they won't take up too much space on a desk either. In fact, the messier the desk, the better they'll probably fit in with their new environment...

The cost to prank unknowing co-workers and have a place for smartphones is 5,800 yen (USD$52). Although the miso soup smartphone stands can be purchased from the Iwasaki online shop, they are often sold out until the next batch of the items is made available. If pranking people is more the priority, Iwasaki also offers a spilled coffee can food sample that could give colleagues a heart attack when placed on an important document.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.