When thinking back to their school days, most people can probably remember at least one student in their art class who was particularly gifted. A drawing such as the one below is the kind of thing you could expect such a gifted student to produce in the last year of elementary school, assuming it was based on a photograph. Even then, the level of detail and skill is impressive for a pre-teen.

However, if you were to learn that the drawing was original, a fictional city created entirely from the imagination of an elementary schooler, that would indeed be cause for astonishment and praise.

And sure enough, this is what happened when Kota (@kota_draw), now a freshman at Tama Art University, one of Japan's top art schools, did a bit of show and tell on his Twitter account, revealing some of the works from his pre-teen years.

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Reproduced with permission from Kota (@kota_draw)

The city is based on the young Kota's vision of a fictional future world. If you look closely, you'll notice some elements of fantasy as well. For example, one building is based on a famous brand of erasers, and there's also a castle.

Kota also revealed the following two drawings he made in junior high school:

Reproduced with permission from Kota (@kota_draw)

Reproduced with permission from Kota (@kota_draw)

It's no wonder Kota ended up at Tama Art University. His talent is undeniable.

These drawings elicited all kinds of plaudits on Twitter, such as:

  • "These drawings are amazing...I couldn't help devouring them with my eyes!"
  • "To think he was creating art of such quality in his elementary and junior high school years. He's truly a prodigy."
  • "You can see elements of a child's playful mind interspersed among the inorganic structures. They're wonderful works..."

These days, Kota is fond of drawing sea creatures and prehistoric creatures. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram and visit his portfolio website. He also has goods featuring his artwork for sale here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.