Saving up can be a pain. Which is why the adorable, automated piggy banks created by Japanese company Itazura Bank all have a special trick which gives you a reason to keep entrusting your coins to it. These money-saving assistants often have both an automated movement and a musical element that can only be experienced by adding a coin to the money box's collection.

A new version of this money box was released this month by Itazura Bank, and it should be of special interest to thrifty Pokemon fans.

The star of the new model is fan favourite Eevee, who features in an adorable illustration on the box’s exterior. If you’re wondering what ‘Eievui’ means, it’s an alternative spelling of the Pokemon’s name based on a transliteration of the Japanese version.

But the true adorable form of this money bank can only be experienced when a coin is placed on the button. This triggers the automation, and a cheeky Eevee can be seen peeking out of the box, and sneakily using a paw to claim your hard earned cash as her own.

The coin bank also has fifteen different sounds that can be heard to accompany the action.

But of course, Eevee is merely the guard of your savings and you can open the bank up and get them once you think you’ve collected enough.

This adorable piggy bank can be found at various toy retailers and other online sites in Japan for around 3000 yen, but considering the motivation it gives to save money, surely everyone can agree that it's a pretty sound investment!

By - Jess.