To celebrate their 120th anniversary, Japanese beef bowl chain Yoshinoya is releasing a new limited edition Pokémon collaboration menu that delivers your order in Pokéball-shaped bowls along with a Pokémon figure and juice box. The special "Pokémori" set is available as Gyudon (beef bowl), Kid's Gyudon, and Curry Rice sets.

As noted above, "gyudon" is Japanese for "beef bowl", so the accompanying Pokémon figures (and decorative art at the bottom of the bowl), are comprised of Pokémon whose name end in "don" as a pun (in Japanese, of course). That results in the following six: Lizardon (Charizard), Groudon, Yadon (Slowpoke), Utsudon (Weepinbell), as well as the West Sea and East Sea types of Tritodon (Gastrodon).

The actual bowls are restaurant-only, but the sets (including figures) are available for takeout orders with Pokébag and takeout-style Pokébowl.

Lucky customers can also enter a Twitter lottery to take home a decorative bowl of their own, however. This can be done by taking a picture of your receipt and sending a DM to the Yoshinoya Twitter account, or following the account and retweeting the post below between December 19th, 2019 and March 18th, 2020.

The campaign and Pokémori menu officially starts at Yoshinoya locations throughout Japan on December 19th (running until January 5th), but the Ebisu Station branch of Yoshinoya has already started serving orders and even styling their shop as a Pokémori center.

The Pokémori campain runs until January 5th, but with the caveat of limited supplies, so those in Japan looking for a chance at a Pokémon beef bowl experience should move quickly.

By - Big Neko.