I have moved recently to a new apartment, and in my search of buildings and properties to fulfill my requests, a dear friend thought of recommending me the website Oshima Teru.

At first, I thought he is recommending me a real estate company, but one night, I thought of checking it out and see what is it about.

It was not a real estate company, and before clicking, I could probably never have guessed that such a website existed.

However, before telling you more about its peculiar content, let me say a few things about prices and properties in Japan.

Generally speaking, when you find a good property, accessible, at an affordable deal, with windows facing south, nice neighborhood, and all that, you don’t really think of why is it available, do you?

You’d say it’s your lucky day and if it suits your taste, you’d probably decide right away. However, in Japan, things are a bit different. People here seem to be curious about why the price is so low and would often do their research before deciding on it.

Most of the time, when nice properties have low prices, something is not right.


When that happens, something bad must’ve occurred in the neighborhood, building or worse, apartment you are hoping to buy/rent.

A low price on a good estate can be bliss to some people, but for many Japanese, it is the complete opposite: a nightmare.

Low prices and good estates can only mean one thing in Japan: a murder, suicide, something bad. Now, back to where we started, Oshima Teru is your website for such situations.

If you want to do your research about the neighborhood you plan on moving to, Oshima Teru will tell you if your new apartment is haunted or not.

Well, what I mean by haunted is that you’ll get to know if someone took his life/ got murdered in the area or your property.

Honestly, I freak out when it comes to things like ghosts and murders, so when I clicked on this website, at first, I was confused, then I thought it might be a good opportunity to check the new neighborhood I was going to spend my future years in.

Oshima Teru’s creator has thought of a unique idea and has been updating for approximately 15 years now!

Not only does it tell you if someone died, but it is so detailed!


I looked for my new neighborhood, and although nothing happened in the building I was going to move to, something did happen around the area. It was a fire a few years ago, and someone has lost its life. 

Out of curiosity, I decided to also check on the area I was living in at the moment, and I must say I was surprised by the outcome.

It seems that there have been quite a few tragic happenings super close to my houses, such as murder, suicide, and fires.


I don’t know if that is the reason, but that particular area felt kind of gloomy all the time (or maybe it’s just me being paranoid).

Nevertheless, I was happy that I decided to move somewhere else.

By opening the Oshima Teru Website, you will see a map, and around it, a fire symbol meant to show that something unusual happened in the market place. If you click on it, it will show what exactly happened, be it a murder, an unusual death, a suicide, and so on.

It is quite creepy, but I feel a lot of people would like to know if something happened around their area.

Even if the website freaked me out a little at first, I am happy I got this information from my friend, and now I can rest assured that the new neighborhood is safe.

If I happen to hear some weird sounds, I will not be scared thinking of the worst scenarios of what might’ve happened around, and I will be less paranoic than I was in my previous home.

Oshima Teru Official Website (Japanese Only)

Oshima Teru Official Website (English)

By - cinnamonellie.