Today, on February 14th, 2022, 株式会社アップ・ゲート Up Gate Co., Ltd., a comprehensive real estate company based in Japan handling land, houses, condominiums, and real estate income plans has opened a special website for recruiting new graduates for the fiscal year 2023.

The concept for their recruitment campaign, as boldly printed at the top of the website, is 全裸採用 zenra sai'yō, which literally translates to "fully nude recruitment."

Students lured by the attention-grabbing slogan and perhaps a bit concerned about the nature of the recruitment will be relieved to learn that Up Gate will not be conducting interviews at a nudist camp or asking potential recruits to actually bare any skin. Rather, the slogan is metaphorical and they would like recruits to bare their true selves.

According to their press release, "job hunting often involves hiding your everyday self, dressing up more than necessary, and acting like someone you are not (...)" The 'Fully Nude Recruitment' concept "expresses our hope that candidates will have the courage to not only give" polished self-promotional speeches and talk about extracurricular activities but also present themselves "just as they really are," their true selves without pretenses.

About Up Gate Co., Ltd.

Currently, Up Gate has 8 employees. Each member is a top-notch real estate producer conducting all kinds of real estate business and working in a small team.

The company has been in business for 13 years and is still in the process of development. The future of the company depends on each and every employee. If you join as a new recruit, "your development will lead to the company's growth, and your dreams will become the company's dreams."

If you're interested, visit their website here. (in Japanese only)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.