In a Japanese first, a gondola at the Risonare Yatsugatake ski resort in the mountains of Yamanashi prefecture has been converted into a private office, making it possible to spend time teleworking while enjoying a winter break on the ski slopes.

As of November 10th, 2020, one of the gondolas at Risonare Yatsugatake will be available to rent as a private office for teleworkers. Whether you use it as a quiet workspace offering complete privacy away from friends and family, or as an inspiring space for meetings with clients, the telework gondola promises to be an excellent place to work.

The telework gondola has a floor space equivalent to two tatami mats, and is furnished with a large desk, office chair and sofa. There are power outlets to charge your phone and laptop, and an excellent Wi-fi signal. The gondola also has heating, so you can be sure of a comfortable working environment.

You can rent any extras you might need, like a video conferencing microphone, speaker and light, a laptop stand or knee desk from the resort hotel for an additional fee of ¥1500 per day.

The view from the window of the telework gondola is extraordinary. It promises a movable feast for the senses as the seasons progress, from the ‘flowering resonance’ of spring, to ‘Yatsugatake Marche’ in summer, Halloween in autumn and Christmas in winter.

The gondola, which was originally used to ferry skiers up the slopes, is located at the foot of the tower in the resort’s main street. There are nine cafes and restaurants on ‘Peaman Street’, so popping out to grab a bite to eat is a doddle. The resort’s main dining room serves great Italian food and best of all, there is an excellent coffee shop just around the corner!

While you have to make a reservation to use the telework gondola, it is free of charge for hotel guests. It is open between 0600 and 2400 every day and up to two people can use each telework gondola at the same time. You can rent it for a day, or for just long enough to fire off an email. Also, since the telework gondola is open from early in the morning until late at night, you can use it before the kids wake up or after they go to sleep.

Hoshino Resorts have gone to great lengths to reassure its customers that they’re doing everything humanly possible to limit transmission of the coronavirus. Guests have their temperatures taken when they check in, and in addition to standard room cleaning, all surfaces in the hotel are regularly cleaned and wiped with alkaline electrolyzed water.

Alcohol for sterilization is installed in various places in the building and rubbing alcohol dispensers for hand disinfection are installed in all guest rooms. Customers are also instructed to disinfect their hands when entering the restaurant. Plates, glasses and cutlery are washed at upwards of 80 degrees.

Hoshino Resorts’ Risonare Yatsugatake is a 172-room hotel in the mountains of Yamanashi prefecture. Prices start at 21,000 yen per night per person, including breakfast, not including tax.

For more details, see here or call the Risonare reservation centre on 0570-073-055

To see a short film illustrating the rigorous measures that have been implemented to combat coronavirus at Hoshino Resorts, see here.

By - George Lloyd.