Twitter user Chonpy ちょみぃ (@chonpy5010) posted a video on her account which has gone viral. The other day, when she was out, she received a push notification from her Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner alerting her that it was stuck.

Considering it odd, she checked the camera she had installed in her room. The reason for the problem was visible in plain sight. It was her cat!

At the time of writing, the post has 110,000 likes and 41,000 retweets.

For some reason, her cat decided to rub its head against the Roomba, which was then forced into an open cardboard box on the ground. The vacuum cleaner tried to escape but the cat refused to budge and remained sprawled on the floor blocking the way. After about 30 or 40 seconds trying to get out, it finally gave up and stopped, after which it sent its owner an error notification ("Error 6," for Roomba owners)

You can watch the whole video with sound here:

You'll notice the cat looks at the camera and then walks away, almost as if in triumph.

The viral video elicited comments such as:

  • "That's just too cute!"
  • "Maybe he's really fond of the Roomba..."
  • "You'd think he'd attack with a cat punch, but he used ground techniques instead!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.