Over the past few years, the Pokemon Company has been working with different prefectures to install a series of “Poke lids”. Poke lids are manhole covers featuring a one of a kind Pokemon design. Their purpose is to help promote tourism to prefectures across Japan by attracting intrepid Pokemon fans from across the world to see the lids. While enjoying the satisfaction of finding a lid, visitors can also experience and learn about Japan’s different prefectures and regions.

The latest prefecture to partner with the Pokemon Company is Miayazaki prefecture, incidentally the first prefecture on Japan’s southern Kyushu island to do so. The partnership was cemented this October by the announcement of Miyazaki’s official favorite Pokemon! The prefecture’s new mascot Pokemon was selected for characteristics it shares with Miyazaki, and its design will be featured on a total of 9 new Poke Lids. So, “who’s that Pokemon!?”

Iiiiiiiiit’s Exeggutor (normal and Alolan form)

Miyazaki Prefecture and Pokemon Co. Ltd. announced a partnership on October 23rd 2020 by confirming that the prefecture’s favorite Pokemon is walking palm-tree, Exeggutor!

The partnership between Miyazaki and the Pokemon Company is designed to revitalize tourism and sales of regional goods and services by increasing awareness of the prefecture and attracting visitors. With so many Pokemon fans, not only in Japan but globally, choosing Exeggutor as a mascot is already turning some heads.

Why is Executor Miyazaki’s favorite Pokemon?

Exeggutor and Alolan Exeggutor were selected by the prefecture because they embody the tropical character that epitomizes Miyazaki in Japan.

Known as Japan’s “hinata”, meaning sunny place, Miyazaki prefecture enjoys warm weather all year round. The unique climate is perfect for growing the “Phoenix '' trees, which are similar to palm trees, that can be seen lining Miayazaki’s coastline. Seeing as Exeggutor is a palm tree Pokemon, it was the perfect fit for Miayazaki’s local palms and near-tropical climate.

Miayazaki prefecture is also famous in Japan for producing fruits including mangos and kumquats. The prefecture also felt Exeggutor’s coconut shaped heads would symbolize the tropical fruits that can be enjoyed in Miyazaki.

“Exeggutor Resort” and Miyazaki’s Poke-lids

The prefecture plans to use Exeggutor’s image for a variety of tourism themed initiatives which are packaged under the brand name: “Exeggutor Resort”. Initiatives include painting the Pokémon’s image on to regional transport such as car ferries and the prefecture’s original airline, Solaseed’s planes.

In addition to regional transportation, Exeggutor and Alololan Exeggutor will be used on 9 Pokelid’s which will be installed across Miayazaki prefecture. Each one of a kind lid will feature a unique design using Exeggutor or Alolan Exeggutor, as well as various other Pokemon.

As with each of the 100 plus other Poke-lids across Japan, the Miayazaki lids will double up as Pokestop’s in the hit smartphone game Pokemon Go.

Next time you set out on a Pokemon journey, stop by Miyazaki where you’ll encounter not only Exeggutor, but memorable regional attractions and delicious regional delicacies.

By - Toby M.