Step into adulthood looking and feeling like a true princess with these Disney themed kimonos. The long-sleeved kimonos (known as furisode) incorporate motifs and colours that represent the characters and the fairy tale atmosphere of Disney.

The cute designs are perfect for the Coming-of-Age ceremony held in January, and allows new adults to step into the grown-up world with a sense of familiarity, fashion and of course, fun.

Minnie Mouse Design

An eye-catching piece, this design features flowers, dots and ribbons commonly associated with Mickey’s beau, Minnie Mouse.
Black intricate details weave their way around the bold patterns and colours, completing the look with a feeling of maturity, and an air of cool and cute.
Finish off the look with a large ribbon headpiece resembling Minnie’s iconic red polka dot bow.

Daisy Duck Design

This design is inspired by disney fashionista Daisy Duck, and is the perfect ensemble for a sunny day. Bright daisy flowers and ribbons are accentuated by lilac fabric to complete the cute yet mature look.

Cruella Design

Show off your more ambitious nature with the Cruella themed kimono. Inspired by the villainess’ distinctive coat seen in Disney’s 101 Dalmations, the kimono is accented by ribbons of red that contrast against the bold Dalmation spot pattern.

Maleficent Design

Share your darker side with the Maleficent kimono. The kimono features a large dark floral pattern surrounded by magical green flames. With this look, heads are certain to turn your way and you are sure to have all the attention you crave.

Princess Bell Design

Inspired by the iconic dance hall from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, this kimono is characterised by a detailed chandelier motif and is accented by the famous yellow colour of Bell’s dress worn in the film’s famous dance scene. The final piece is an elegant yet casual design that can be worn by all beauties.

Princess Jasmine Design

This beautiful piece is influenced by the glittery dress worn by Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin. The emerald green fabric is embellished by designs inspired by the lovable flying carpet seen in the film and scattered peacock feathers.

Princess Cinderella Design

This enchanted kimono is from straight out of a fairytale. Trails of magical glitter twist and intertwine across a deep blue night sky. Trace your eyes across the fabric and find hints of the castle, the clock that strikes 12, and the glass slippers that are all from the movie. The famous pumpkin carriage that takes Cinderella to the ball is woven into the obi belt’s fabric.

Alice in Wonderland Design

Hidden amongst colourful flowers, find familiar faces from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Dive in and discover Alice, the Queen of Hearts, Trump Soldiers, the Mad Hatter and more in the crazy patterns resembling the floral world of Wonderland.

Kitten Marie Design

This dignified and gorgeous design takes influence from Kitten Marie of Disney’s The Aristocats. Depicting the streets of Paris of the early 1900’s, this kimono will suit someone who is sweet, fashionable and elegant.

In addition to these 9 new Disney inspired furisode kimonos, a further 20 designs full of character and individuality are expected to be released consecutively on the official Studio Alice website.

The first two designs of the collection, Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, will be officially unveiled and introduced at the Mickey Mouse Exhibition ‘THE TRUE ORIGINAL & BEYOND’.


Dates: Friday October 30 - Monday January 11
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 20:00 (*Until 17:00 on Tuesdays)
Venue: Mori Arts Center, Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower Floor 52

Reservations for the Disney inspired kimonos and photoshoot package will be available from January 15th. The photoshoots will commence from 2021 so that you have a photo album for Seijin-shiki 2022.
The package allows the wearer to choose any kimono of their choice for a Seijin-shiki (coming of age day) photoshoot. The kimono can be taken home on the day of rental, and only needs to be returned before the following year’s Seijin-shiki event.

Altogether, the Disney collection kimono photoshoot package from Studio Alice costs 99,800 yen (plus tax).

By - Connie Sceaphierde.