Another month, another entry in Japan's never-ending series of adventurous Kit Kat flavors. Japan has garnered quite a reputation for bold and exotic Kit Kat flavors that have made people around the world jealous because of lack of availability. However, there are some Kit Kat flavors in Japan that are even hard to obtain for people who live there, those available only at select international airports (such as Narita and Haneda) as souvenirs. Now those airports will get to boast a new flavor for Kit Kat treasure hunters: Hokkaido Melon with Mascarpone Cheese.

The latest flavor experimentation in Japanese Kit Kat bars consist of the traditional wafers coated in white chocolate, and is made of powdered Mascarpone cheese and Hokkaido melon. Hokkaido is highly regarded as a region for growing melons, which have a sweet and gentle flavor. As the Kit Kats are limited to select international airports, they are mainly marketed towards foreign visitors to Japan as gifts to bring back home. They will be joining other airport-exclusive flavors that you may have seen, including Japanese Strawberry, Uji Matcha, and Sakura Matcha. Of course these airports also carry non-exclusive flavors, so keep your eye out for flavors like Wasabi, Rum-Raisin, and Strawberry Cheesecake.


Source: Nestle

As stores in airports can sell packages at their own prices, there isn't official listing for the price of these ambitious sweets, but each mini-box contains three kit kats, and we imagine you can buy them in bulk as with other flavors. So there you have it, one more exciting flavor of Kit Kats from Japan to surprise your friends with--for better or worse!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.