On November 3rd, 2020, Kochi (@komoko115) posted a video on Twitter. It is going viral and people are astounded with what they saw in this video; “Whoa! Incredible!” “I didn’t think something like this could happen!”

It was when Kochi was driving his car one day. An animal, the identity of which he couldn’t possibly have imagined, passed him on the road.

Reproduced with permission from kochi (@komoko115)

Here’s the video clip:

It was a crane!

To add to the surprise, it was a タンチョウ tanchō (Japanese crane or red-crowned crane), a rare, nationally protected species.

The sight of the crane with both wings spread as it passed by the car is so graceful you can’t take your eyes off of it.

There were many surprised viewers commenting on this post:

  • "How lucky to have an encounter with a tanchō... This video caught such a rare, precious moment."
  • "I realize how big it is watching this video now! I can definitely understand why they initially thought it was a car passing by."
  • "What a surprise! It’s also very cute how it’s shaking its butt walking down on the road. This rare encounter with a rare species must be a lucky charm for Kochi! This could be a sign something good awaits him!"

By - Mugi.