Cat lovers are surely familiar with how Munchkin cats more than make up for their diminutive stature and short sausage-like legs with an extra level of adorableness. In the case of Hinako-chan (@hinako_munchkin) a particular cute ginger Munchkin in Japan, that comes in the form of perfectly and cozily fitting into a kitty futon that she's absolutely in love with!

@hinako_munchkin, an account which details the adventures (and very sleepy days) of Hinako-chan and her cat and ferret friends (pictured in the photo is her brother, Tino). As many cat owners will let you know, it can be pretty frustrating when your feline friend decides to not use the pet bed you've gotten for them and instead sleep in the packaging it came in, but Hinako-chan is absolutely smitten with her comfy and perfectly sized futon!

There's even two adorable videos of the cats discovering their new favorite napping places and getting nestled in.

If you'd like to see more of Hinako-chan and her kitty and ferret friends, be sure to follow on Twitter and Instagram for even more delightful pictures and videos!

By - Big Neko.