If one lucky cat isn’t quite enough to increase your wealth, then how about a 1,000 of them?
At the Sen no Maneki-neko Art Exhibition you can treat yourself to the sight of 1,000 different lucky cats created by the cat-obsessed and inspired contemporary artist Moriwajin.
The exhibit will also include around 2,500 pieces of art created by 22 different ‘cat artists’ in a range of different media such as pottery, kutani ware, dolls, origami, paintings, sculpture, wood carvings and more.

The exhibition is being held until Monday November 23 at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo’s cultural museum ‘百段階段’ (Hundred Stages), which likes to regularly showcase and display various pieces of Japanese artistic and historical beauty.

Moriwajin was born in Yamagata prefecture and has had an internationally recognised artistic career which started in 1985. Moriwajin has been recognised as a top artist when it comes to designing and making Maneki Neko, and has created various unique cat influenced masterpieces such as ‘Cat Gods’ and ‘Super Ghost Cats’. The artist has also released a range of books featuring imagery of some of his sculptures and paintings alongside cat inspired poetry and stories.

Exhibition Hall Highlights

Display 1 – The life of a cat

This display will feature a variety of themed Mankeki Neko sculptures created by Moriwajin based on myths and legends. Within the display you will find cat sculptures inspired by varying themes such as religion/god, life, death, comfort, creation, and luck.

Display 2 – Birthday cats

With a cat for each day of the year (including leap year day), this display exhibits 366 unique and full-of-character cat sculptures. Additionally, Moriwajin’s masterpieces ‘Super Happiness Cat’ and ‘Big Buddha Cat’ will be on display in the adjacent exhibit room.
Visitors have the chance to receive a special Maneki Neko from a collection of 100 statues by taking part in an Omikuji draw.

Display 3 – Cat art collection from a variety of artists

In addition to the large collection of work created by Moriwajin, the Sen no Maneki-neko Art Exhibition will also showcase a wide range of works from 22 artists who specialise in cat-themed creations. If you come across a piece of work you like, you can purchase it and support your new favourite artist!

Sen no Maneki-neko Art Exhibition

Venue: Hotel Gajoen Tokyo
Date: October 23 – November 23, 2020
Sunday – Thursday & Public Holidays: 10:00 – 17:00
Friday & Saturdays: 10:00 – 20:00

Adults: ¥1,600
University/High School Students: ¥1,000
Junior High/Elementary School Students: ¥600

By - Connie Sceaphierde.