It can come off a bit silly or even Orientalist to say scenery in Japan "looks just like an anime!", particularly because most anime are set in...Japan. There are sometimes, however, when photography or video captures an atmosphere or aesthetic that strikingly resembles the style of some particular anime.

Japanese photographer Maeyama's (@xxakaxxv) video of traveling on an empty train from Takuma station to Kaigan staion on the Yosan Line of JR Shikoku is one such video, drawing comparisons to the works of animation giants Studio Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai.

It's just a few moments long, but the tranquil scenery and incredibly blue colors of the passing sky and sea have many in awe over how majestic it looks, and how it might fit into the world of an anime.

Maeyama's photography isn't limited to one train ride, however. They've also captured these inviting photos of Shimonada Station, one of Japan's closest train stations to the sea and said to have been an inspiration behind Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away.

As the below Tweet will show, Maeyama is an excellent photographer, capturing some truly breathtaking scenery in Japan. Be sure to follow on Twitter for more excellent photos!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.