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Which Japanese convenience store curry bread is the spiciest?

Japan’s various cuisine isn’t known for being particularly spicy.

If you want scorching hot flavor that makes you tear up, you’re better off trying out Korean kimchi, or curry from India or Thailand.

But that’s not to say that Japanese food can’t be spicy.

There are plenty of ramen shops serving up bowls of fiery broth sure to leave you in tears.

Here’s an image of a mistake I made a few years ago when I visited Kairikiya’s Kawaramachi Sanjo shop in Kyoto. I remember it was spicy, but what really sticks out in my mind is how many tissues I used wiping my nose. If you’re feeling like a challenge, try it out. But for me? Never again…

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Curry Bread

One popular Japanese food is curry pan, aka curry bread. If you aren’t familiar with the curry-filled buns, you can easily find them at any convenience store.

Today we’ll take a closer look at a few common curry breads sold at Seven Eleven, Lawson, and FamilyMart to see which one is the best match for your tastebuds.

Seven Eleven Curry Bread ¥129

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First up is 711’s signature curry bread, the label boasting “You’ll get addicted,” to the spicy aroma of this deep-fried curry-stuffed bun.

Cut it in half to find the yellowish roux which lies within.

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You’ll definitely get a mouthful of aromatic curry spices with the first bite, but without much of a spicy kick. It’s rather on the sweet end of the curry spectrum. This is definitely recommended for those who can’t handle the heat.

Lawson Beef Curry Bread ¥130

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Next up is Lawson’s version. On the outside it doesn’t look much different from 711’s, but when you look inside, the curry roux is a darker shade of brown with a tinge of deep gold.

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This curry bread isn’t overwhelming all at once, but rather that “creeps up on you” kind of spicy.

One of our Japanese writers started sweating halfway through, and although they said it wasn’t impossible to finish, they’d normally like to avoid this level of spice.

If you’re a bit more tolerant, you may enjoy this curry bread. You can even clearly taste the minced meat mixed into the curry roux.

Lawson Soft-boiled Egg Curry Bread ¥180

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Another entry from Lawson, this one combines a sweet, salty outside with curry roux and thick, runny egg yolk on the inside.

You’d think that the egg would help balance out the spiciness of the curry right?

And a peek inside reveals a perfectly soft-boiled egg within a layer of dark, golden-brown roux.

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Although the innards were a bit lopsided, this could be the saving grace for some.

Because on the first bite, you may well be overwhelmed with its sharp taste. Although the egg and starchy bread helps dull the stinging, this one is definitely spicy.

Like Lawson’s Beef Curry Bread, this one also offers a decent amount of minced meat within its roux.

And, as we noted it’s spice level may be too much for some, it’s worth sharing the warning written right on the package.

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If you can’t handle this one, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

FamilyMart Beef Curry Bread ¥130

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Moving on to FamilyMart, we’ve got their signature “spice and beef umami” curry bread.

Although its outward appearance doesn’t differ greatly from either of the711 or Lawson brand curry breads, the roux inside looks a bit harder and thicker.

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Because the dough is thick, you can easily taste the sweetness of the bread. In terms of spiciness, it's about halfway between Seven-Eleven and Lawson. Even those who aren’t great with spicy food will be able to enjoy this one.

FamilyMart 3-Piece Curry Bread ¥128

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Last on the list is FamilyMart’s triple mini-bun pack.

If true to their name, the smaller, round buns shouldn’t be too spicy. Let’s see…

First glimpse of the inside shows a slightly more yellow roux than the previous FamilyMart curry bread.

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Take a bite and you’ll find this one is pretty low on the spice scale. On top of that, the bread to roux ratio is substantial, possibly hiding a lot of the tang.

In fact, even Grape’s sensitive writer though this one was a bit disappointing, not even living up to the minimal amount of spice required to be called curry bread.

Ranking Curry Bread by Spiciness

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So of these 5 varieties, which one is the spiciest?

Curry Bread Spicy Rankings

  • 1. Lawson Soft-boiled Egg Curry Bread
  • 2. Lawson Beef Curry Bread
  • 3. FamilyMart Beef Curry Bread
  • 4. Seven Eleven Curry Bread
  • 5. FamilyMart 3-Piece Curry Bread

Both of Lawson’s curry breads took the #1 and #2 spots on our ranking list. These are great for those who don’t mind their mouths tingling afterwards.

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711 and Lawson’s Beef Curry Breads are definitely more palatable for those who aren’t great with spice.

And lastly, FamilyMart’s 3-Piece is for those who want to forget they’re even eating curry bread. Not for those looking to spice up their lives.

Hopefully you found this article helpful and don’t make any mistakes in the future when looking for that perfect level of spicy curry.

By - Mujo.