One of the prized hot food treats of Japanese convenience store Lawson is Karaage-kun--fried chicken nuggets that come in a variety of flavors (including ramen and Final Fantasy Limit Break) and was even recently certified as official space food.

Karaage-kun fans living in Fukuoka and Hokkaido can now scratch their fried chicken itch via delivery. Starting November 17th, foodpanda Japan will be partnering up with Lawson to deliver store goods to customers' doorsteps. The service will deliver a number of Lawson goods and groceries such as rice balls and bento boxes, and of course the popular Karaage-kun. However, the biggest news here is that from November 17th to November 30th, all goods ordered via foodpanda will be 50% off!

Those in the respective areas can find the participating Lawsons in the company's press release.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.