When it comes to adorable, character-inspired cakes featuring Disney characters, you'll struggle to find some cuter than those that come from Japanese cake shop chain Ginza Cozy Corner.

The confectioners have been collaborating with Disney for a while now, bringing out beautifully presented sweets based on various characters and movies, which appeal to kids and nostalgic adults alike. We’ve been treated to Disney Princess cakes for Girls’ Day, and even some Easter treats inspired by Winnie the Pooh.

Now for their much-awaited Christmas set, they’ve chosen a classic lineup of Disney faves, including Mickey Mouse and his other famous friends.

Each cake is not only inspired by one character, but also has a festive twist for the holiday season. Can you guess each dessert’s character?

Well if you're stuck on a few, here’s a rundown:

On the top row, starting from the left, we’ve got Chip, represented as a cocoa roll cake with ganache. Then in the middle is Clarice as a pudding flavoured cream tart. Then the last in the trio of chipmunks is Dale with a strawberry jam filled coffee roll cake.

On the middle row is a banana and mint flavoured cream tart inspired by Pluto, then next is Daisy Duck’s cheese cream roll cake. On the right is a chocolate cake with orange cream which has a Goofy theme.

The bottom row on the left is where you’ll find the classic Mickey Mouse look as a cheese cream mousse cake with chocolate ganache. Donald Duck is next with a lemon and mint flavoured cream tart. Then there’s a strawberry mouse cake with a strawberry jam filling inspired by Mickey’s beau, Minnie.

The whole set comes in a cute Xmas themed box, adorned with Mickey and friends celebrating in an original illustration. If you look closely, some of the details from the cake have even been referenced, such as Pluto’s reindeer antlers and Donald’s candy canes.

The box set comes out on 1st December and will be sold for a limited time only, until 25th December, costing 2700 yen.

By - Jess.