Ginza Cozy Corner, a Japanese cake store with branches all over Japan, creates seasonal offerings throughout the year that dessert lovers can enjoy. In particular, their collaborations with Disney have resulted in some particularly cute creations.

For Halloween this year, they’ve already released an awesome nine-piece cake set featuring all of Disney’s most memorable baddies. But if you’re on the lookout for Halloween desserts featuring Disney heroes, this lineup is the perfect treat for Spooktober.

These two super cute puddings come in Halloween themed cups and star Mickey and Minnie Mouse in suitably spooky settings.

The first option has a Jack o’ Lantern cup, and a spooked Mickey surrounded by ghosts decorates the top. As the cup design suggests, the pudding is pumpkin flavoured, and it is topped with whipped cream.

Minnie’s offering has a skull cup and is milk flavoured. But when you put your spoon in the pudding, there’s a spooky surprise in the form of a bright red berry sauce. Both of the puddings cost 399 yen each.

There’s also super cute sweets boxes on offer with various characters adorning Halloween cookies, such as Stitch and Mickey.

This lineup will be sold at branches of Ginza Cozy Corner until 31st October 2021.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.