You can lose yourself a fairly good chunk of time watching people on YouTube who will guide you on how to freeze a banana and then use it to hammer in nails. It seems to be mostly done as a gag to show just how low the temperatures can get in certain areas. Unfortunately, for people who live in warmer areas, it can take a little legwork to perfectly freeze your banana hammer.

Japanese shopping site Iron Factory, part of Castem, a casting technology company in Hiroshima, has thought of a way to more easily provide banana hammer hungry people with their new Banana Hammer DX. However, Iron Factory's Banana Hammer DX is actually frozen--it's an especially crafted golden hammer made with precision casting technology made from a real banana.

Castem says that the hammer is molded from actual bananas from the Philippines, and was developed as a treat for people who want a banana hammer of their own but had no easy way to freeze one, as well as people who "want to combine a banana diet with muscle training". Because each molded banana used is different, they all have unique textures and shapes.

The Banana Hammer DX is currently available from the Iron Factory webstore for 11,877 yen.

By - Big Neko.