U-Treasure is a Japanese jeweller that never fails when it comes to creating the prettiest jewellery tributes to various characters. They’ve taken on plenty of famous faces such as Kirby, and even Gudetama wedding rings, but the collections that catch the most attention, are surely their amazing Pokemon themed accessories.

Their latest addition is one for fans of Vulpix and Vulpix’s evolution, Ninetales. But it has an added winter twist which makes it the perfect fashion accessory for the season. It stars the two Alolan regional variants of Vulpix and Ninetales which are Ice-type Pokemon.

The delicate snowflake-shaped design has pieces of blue resin surrounded by silver, giving a stained glass window effect. Vulpix is perched near the top of the snowflake, while Ninetales is artfully posing at the front.

To match the blue snowflake design, the pendant only comes in silver coloured metals (on a 45 cm long chain). The simple silver pendant is 17,600 yen, or you can go a bit fancier with the 18 carat white gold for 132,000 yen. The most precious metal they offer for this design is platinum 950, costing 143,000 yen.

The necklace can be preordered from the U-Treasure online store, or in their Tokyo branches (Shinjuku or Ikebukuro), where you can also find plenty of other cute Pokemon inspired items.

By - Jess.