You've found your soulmate and are thinking about living your life together. Congratulations!

You might be thinking of an engagement ring or a wedding ring to mark the occasion. While there are plenty of brands and designs to choose from, here's one for that special couple who also share a love for the Slothful Savior, the Paragon of Passivity, His Yawning Yolkness...otherwise known as Gudetama.

After all, what better way to say you embrace the lazy life and promise to remain unphased by any challenges life may have in store than sealing your vows with a Gudetama ring?

Gudetama engagement and wedding rings

If that piques your interest, here are the Gudetama rings now being offered by Japanese jewelry company Utreasure:

Engagement ring

Price: 132,000 JPY (incl. tax), diamond sold separately.

This beautiful engagement ring combines platinum and 18-karat yellow gold with Gudetama on the mount watching over the stone.

Wedding band 1

Price: 99,000 JPY (incl. tax)

This wedding band features platinum on the outside and 18-karat yellow gold on the inside. The design is inspired by eggshells and shows Gudetama lazily lying on an eggwhite bed.

Wedding band 2

Price: 121,000 JPY (incl. tax)

This wedding band also features platinum on the outside and 18-karat yellow gold on the inside, but is for couples who prefer a more subtle approach. While the exterior design has the same eggshell motif as the other wedding band, it has Gudetama on the yellow gold interior surface, lying in a characteristic cute pose with his butt showing.

These rings are available at Utreasure's official website here.

By - Ben K.