If you're in Japan this holiday season and you're looking for a Christmas cake but you don't want to overload on sugar and carbs, there's a solution you should consider: Christmas Cakes from Pâtisserie Le Vert.

Offering a wide variety of low-carb and low-sugar cakes since 2019, the Kagoshima-based patisserie has already earned a shining reputation. Every cake is made with care using all-natural ingredients and sweetened with Stevia and monk fruit, not with erythritol or lactoligosaccharide.

Christmas Mont-Sant-Michel "Ishidatami" Cake

Ishidatami 石畳 means cobblestone (or, more accurately, a sett or Belgian block), but in Japanese bakery parlance, it refers to a cake with a square or rectangular shape, which is usually composed of many layers.

The Owner-Patissier's pride and joy, the Mont-Sant-Michel "Ishidatami" Cake is made with natural ingredients selected from all over the world. Ever since it went on sale in 2019, it has gradually become more popular and now, reservations are usually taken up to 2 months in advance. This is a special Christmas version of the cake which can be reserved online and over-the-counter but only until supplies last.

Price: 3,500 JPY 7.9 g sugar / slice

Here are some of the other low-sugar cakes you can also order from Pâtisserie Le Vert:

Noel "Rare" Cheese Cake

Price: 5,100 JPY 14.7 g sugar / slice

Snow White Basque Cheesecake

Price: 4,100 JPY 12.4 g sugar / slice

Chocolat Chocolat Noel

Price: 4,300 JPY 18.4 g sugar / slice

To order, visit Pâtisserie Le Vert's website here.

About the owner

At the age of 21, owner-Patissier Mr. Kōji Takaya developed "type 1 diabetes" which is said to afflict only one in 10,000 people. While fighting the illness and working with pastry, it was difficult for him to control his blood sugar level and he often felt sick. Through such hardships, he discovered that low-carb cakes did not make him feel ill and he realized he could help others who needed a low-carb diet. He worked tirelessly to develop his own recipes. Now, his pastry shop offers low-carb cakes.

Shop Information

  • Name (JP): パティスリールヴェール
  • Name (FR): Pâtisserie Le Vert
  • Address (JP): 鹿児島県鹿児島市広木3丁目14-11
  • Address (EN): 3-14-11 Hiroki Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
  • Hours/Days: 10:00 to 19:00, Mon. Tue. off
  • Owner-Patissier: Mr. Kōji Takaya
  • Website
  • Price range: :500 to 5,000 JPY
  • Dining space: outdoor terrace 6 tables
  • App in App Store or Google Play. Search for パティスリールヴェール
  • Official Instagram account

By - grape Japan editorial staff.