Despite what many think, the most crucial ingredient in sushi is the shari (しゃり), or sushi rice, and neta (ネタ), the ingredient used as topping, isn't actually the defining factor--which allows for some creative toppings at sushi restaurants. Popular conveyor belt sushi chain (kaitenzushi) Kura Sushi definitely embraces that trend, having even featured Sushi Rice Cola And Sweet Sake Cream Puffs on their menu in the past. Kura Sushi may be pushing the envelope with their most recent seasonal menu, however, as it takes that critical sushi rice and replaces it with vegetables for a low-carb sushi option.

To make up for what might be considered a missing sushi consistency and flavor, the rice will be replaced with slices of pickled daikon radish that have been seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, and Yuzukoshō, a paste made from chili peppers and citrus peels. Tuna, shrimp, and salmon toppings will be available in both nigiri and hand roll varieties. For purists, they will also be selling mini-nigiri sushi with have the amount of normally used sushi rice.

If you're looking for another low-carb option that doesn't involve ditching sushi rice, Kura Sushi also offers a noodleless ramen, replacing noodles with bean sprouts, carrots, and bok choy. The items are available as of August 29th at Kura Sushi stores all over the country.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.